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WATER AID DONATION (see update below)
you may notice some google ads on this blog. I have an account that pays a small amount per click on the ads. google will pay me when this accumulates to £60. When it does I will donate this money to water aid and post proof of doing so on the blog. Please click an advert before you leave..... they are google verified ads so you won't end up on any dodgy sites.  I am currently at just over £25 (as of Jan 2015) so a bit more to go before google cough up some cash..... get clicking!

UPDATE: It's taken a year to accrue £6 so I'm kinda thinking it's a waste of time and only serves to make google more money. At this rate it'll be another 5 years before they share a tiny bit of it and by which time they'll likely have changed the t&c's.  I've decided I'd rather have no ads on the blog than assist google in gradually accumulating the entire world's wealth one penny at a time so all ads will now be removed.

To read about Water aid and maybe make a donation see here http://www.wateraid.org/uk

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