Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I've wanted to go for quite some time and so the wonderful Rebecca organised a surprise trip for my birthday.  The trip started badly due to me still being drunk from the night before, I'd been out with Gaz to see John Cooper Clarke in Nantwich and although poetry doesn't sound particularly rock n'roll we came back steaming! Bec was not impressed and probably had a point with all the effort she'd gone to arranging things and I was dragged out of bed for an early start in a stinking mess!

 So here's a load of photos from wandering around Stonehenge.....

 Stonehenge for a lot of people evokes much mystical wonderment, such as who built it? And why?  And how did they build it? And how do they think up so many products for the gift shop???  Well, you've got the usual books, mugs, fridge magnets and postcards of course and then the tshirts and hoodies which someone must buy, probably Japanese tourists(?) and then they start getting a bit carried away..... Stonehenge egg cups, Stonehenge elderflower wine, Stonehenge cushions, Stonehenge monopoly game, Stonehenge silk scarf, Stonehenge ceramic cuff links, Stonehenge jam, and of course who could be without a Stonehenge equinox fine bone china sugar bowl?!  you want one don't you?  well I found it for you on their online gift shop here!

We stayed at a nice cottage in Salisbury (which was of course called Stonehenge Cottages. Obviously) and then did some walking the next day in the woods and found Sarum fort ruins and Clarendon Palace ruins.

That's it then.  thanks Bec!  It was a great couple of days.

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