Circles. acrylic on canvas 60x60.  2007

Circle.  acrylic on cancas 60x60.  2007

River Dee, Langollen. Acrylic on board. 2006
Scott Walker. acrylic and gouache on canvas. 2013
 Doors of Perception.  Photo collage, Nov. 2014.

Gambia Sunset.  Acrylic on Canvas. 2010

"tickets" 2014

Untitled.  Acrylic on canvas 2008
'glastonbury'. Oil pastel, acrylic, gouache and oil on canvas. 2013

portrait on canvas
Aunty Robyn. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 2013
Acrylic on board. 2007

self portrait on canvas. 2013
Gaz.  acrylic and gouache on canvas. 2013
'elephant tree' pencil, acrylic, oil, pastel on canvas 100x80.  2006-2010

Chroma.  alcohol ink and acrylic on canvas.  2015

Money.  banknotes on canvas.  2015
speedrock.  photo collage.  2015

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