Saturday, 10 September 2011

34 naans please

scott's 34th birthday yesterday, gang of us went for curry and beer in nantwich.  the waiter makes me laugh when he suggests 2 popadums and 1 naan each would be about right, what? a whole table sized naan bread each?! and rice and the curry?  i suppose we could save space by using the naan and popadums as a plate....
 had the usual "so why are you vegetarian?" interrogation from everyone after ordering my food.  after about 3 years of the same conversation i've reduced my response to something along the lines of "because i don't eat meat", i don't mind talking about it but i've said it all before and no! i don't get cravings for burgers, steaks or roast chicken!
few beers in the cat and back to scott and nat's where regrettably i had to leave them to it, as much as i'd like to drink and talk nonsense until 5am need sleep before work in the morning.

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