Thursday, 8 September 2011

"I don't think it makes sense to give more importance to a mountain than to an ant" - Joan Miró

got the train to london yesterday with the main purpose being to see the Joan Miró exhibition at the tate modern.  navigating the tube seems easier than i remember and got to the tate only with a slight detour.  worth the effort.  thought £15 was a bit expensive at first but came away feeling i'd got moneys worth from a well thought out exhibition.  there were some good pieces, some fascinatingly brilliant pieces and as always with these exhibitions a few nonsense scribblings which have only been deemed worthy to exhibit because...well....its a Miró.    so with Miró installed as my new favourite artist i took my geeky face for a bit of a mooch around some of the rest of the tate galleries and then set out to explore london town...
Blue II - part of a triptych with all 3 painted on a 4 metre wide canvas!
didnt really know where i was going but wandered about fairly aimlessly around london bridge until i got  thirsty for a pint.  walked away from the river and the touristy areas to try and find a proper pub, surprised but not too surprised to pay £4.15 for a pint, probably normal.  to test if beer always costs this much in london i obviously had to investigate further.  got the tube to camden and found a pub called 'the worlds end', sounds like constant happy hour time in there i thought so in i went.  £3.80 in this one.  supped my pint and got tube to kings cross, for no reason really, just wandered about before getting back to euston for train home.
i like london, i'll be back sometime soon, like the feel of the place.

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