Thursday, 5 January 2012

things in brief

world trade centre 7, why did it collapse on 9/11?
 newcastle beat man u 3-0, brilliant game, i was laughing at the end
am i addicted to my xbox again? dreaming about skyrim cant be good.

robot new years eve video created although probably only amusing if you were there

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R.O.B said...

Ah ha... fire caused thermal expansion of a steel girder, which then pushed one of the bracing supports away from the column it was attached to... so that column failed, and this caused all other 30 columns to fail simultaneously (within 1/10th of a second of each other) to form a symmetrical collapse in 6 seconds, which is at free fall, which means all potential energy is converted to kinetic so by definition there is no crushing force available for the building to destroy itself... but it still did anyway... oh and this freak event doesn't warrant any attention by the media or any change to engineering design codes to prevent future buildings collapsing in this way... so now you know you don't need to ask any more awkward questions