Sunday, 12 October 2014


A portrait of Billy gifted to Natalie and Scott.

Sometimes I can't think of anything good to buy for a friend's birthday so I don't bother getting anything.  Is nothing at all better than a useless token gift?, probably.  I thought the other day hmmm I didn't get anything for Scott or Natalie a couple of weeks ago, it's probably too late to bother.  Then the idea popped in my head to paint this.  Hopefully they like it, it's not too bad a likeness I think.


R.O.B said...

It might even look more like Billy than Billy looks like Billy... Have they received the painting yet?

PS I think a token gift (e.g. amazon voucher) is still definitely worth giving as well, even if it's 4 months after the birthday date.

jonny brand said...

They have received the painting but it was difficult to gauge reaction as they opened it infront of me and may have being polite when they said "ooh, errrrrm yeh it's erm really good thanks". Anyway the great masterpiece that is nearing completion will be unveiled soon, I wonder who that will feature??? As for amazon vouchers for a belated gift I think that's very very lazy but I'll tell Becci she may as well start looking to see if there's anything she wants for £10 or less

Natty Roberts said...

We loved the painting ponks and it hangs in pride of place in the hall way out side our bedroom so is the first thing we see every morning and the last thing we see before going to bed. Plus billy loves it too and calls it his zebra picture :)