Sunday, 4 March 2012

we're the cribs from wakefield

a saturday night out in leeds and a ticket to see the cribs, i love the cribs i do. our city centre travel lodge turns out to be a 10 minute taxi ride away but its a tenner a head so cant complain too much. a few pints in city centre inbetween some aimless wandering then off to the uni. the cribs never disappoint and with johnny marr now retired from the band they are back to their best. i didnt dislike the johnny marr era, the last album was still great but they have that punk attitude back and the new material sounds better for it. so anyway its all very well me analysing the band dynamics now when at the time i was jumping around shouting, no crowd surfing from me tonight, think i was too cautious about nursing my new phone, whats happened to me? next time i'll leave it behind. Peo on the other hand not only crowd surfed but managed to invade the stage and hug the jarmans before squirming past security and diving off the stage. what a move! jurgen klinsmann would have been happy with that dive! left the gig soaking wet with sweat and beer and set off back into town to find the stone roses bar which coincidently turned out to be he kind of place to get sweaty and drink lots of beer

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