Thursday, 1 March 2012

its like crewe but with more chippys

got a week off work this week so decided to do something other than waste it sitting on my arse. got in touch with mike from college and arranged to go down to fleetwood and crash over for the night. was good to see mike and jess and obviously the essential purpose of the night had to be a few beers in town. its the national pass time, the only way to socialise. "fancy meeting up? not seen you for ages" "yeh lets go and get pissed!" so after a tour of fleetwood pubs i couldnt help thinking its almost exactly like crewe, the same nothing ever happens feel but with added seagulls and extra chip shops. everyone eats fish and chips here, absolutely everyone, they must do because there's 2 chippys on every single street. so a good belly full of beer in town ended up with the inevitable falling asleep on mike's sofa with can of lager in hand. the next day mike showed his reliable college form of being useless with a hangover. so a good midweek trip and now its back home to continue the very slowly progressing decorating of the front room before disappearing to Leeds for the weekend.....

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