Monday, 29 December 2014

Fake Farage friend of the toffs

So UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the self proclaimed Mr Anti Establishment and peoples champion..... here he is at Surrey & Burstow hunt on Boxing Day mixing with all the toffs.

ukip fox hunting
nigel farage at boxing day hunt
I'm not quite sure what they do at these hunts as I thought fox hunting had been banned 10 years ago but Farage obviously is a fan of seeing foxes savagely ripped to pieces, just like David Cameron is who wants to relax the law on the 2004 ban despite 80% of the country backing the current ban.
Don't be fooled by Farage, he's no different to any of the others, it currently doesn't matter who you vote for, there's no point in voting it won't change anything.  Corporations run Britain- pharmaceutical companies, arms manufacturers, media conglomerates and so on, they are under the skin of all the political parties by lobbying them and funding them.  UKIP appeal to people who are fed up of the other parties as a protest vote or those who are rather xenophobic and feel UKIP are more mainstream than the BNP.
I can't see a reason to bother voting at the next general election but if i do i'll just be writing "none of the above" on my polling card.

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