Tuesday, 21 September 2010

going through a phase

i go through fads and phases, right now a selection of foods are floating my boat. avacados, mrs crimbles corn cakes, chocolate spread put on a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel and decaf coffee.  yeah thats right decaf!  i didnt see the point in coffee without caffeine for so many years but recently realised enjoying a coffee at night was stopping me from sleeping.  oh green tea has made a comeback too.

my xbox addiction has subsided which is probably a good job as it was eating up a significant amount of my time and things just were just not getting done. 

my phases usually stop abruptly after having had constant intensive attention for set periods of time.  for instance the mix i've been making for the past two weeks with carefully considered track listing and neatly integrated audio samples has all been completed to perfection and now i cant be arsed to burn the cd's which i had promised for my mates.

anyway what about avocados? they are pretty weird things but i cant get enough of em

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