Wednesday, 10 July 2013

how to get noticed

I have a secret to share with readers of my blog, this secret is for you few people who clearly have nothing better to do than try and work out what the bloody hell I'm going on about.  Whether you've been an avid reader of the previous 237 posts or you've just stumbled across the inner workings of my meandering mind for the first time you are about to be rewarded.  How to get noticed..... many people try hard all their lives to stand out from the crowd, some people want to be on tv, some want to get promoted at work, some people just want Gary Lineker to reply, to just reply to just one of their tweets just once, some people want their parents to be proud of them when they've done a good bit of colouring in, some people want to be recognised as the face around town on a Friday night.  Whatever it is that you want well I can promise you that in the next few seconds you will know how to get noticed!
Okay now browse over the photograph below and see if any one person immediately catches your attention, now look again and study a bit closer and see if your eye is drawn anywhere, are you still looking at the same person maybe? 

palma violets at the park stage glastonbury 2013
 This image was captured at Glastonbury festival 2013 where as you might expect there were several hundreds of people many of whom can be seen in this image.  Now despite there being performers on stage, a security fella in a high vis jacket, someone carrying a big yellow flag and a man waving (both) his hand(s) in the air for some reason that's not who you notice is it?  No, somebody else jumps out and this one particular person you have (without knowing why) studied more closely than everyone else.  This is not a coincidence, and as I promised the secret will now be shared so that you too can master this unique skill and get noticed by friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers.  All you need to do to receive the FREE 'How To Get Noticed' instruction manual is send a small administration fee of £35 plus £3.65 to cover packaging and postage and within seconds you will stand out from crowd.  Notice your career flourish, your popularity amongst friends rocket, your notoriety around town increase and your parents at last after all these years start sticking your drawings on the fridge door.  

Photo credits- image of John Brand courtesy of the BBC from Glastonbury festival 2013 at The Park stage during Palma Violets set on Friday 28th June.  Full video footage can be seen via this link


Anonymous said...

I reckon you the one wit the big white pointer over yo head

jonny brand said...

Wow! How clever of you! You sound American, welcome to British humour, we don't use punchlines