Tuesday, 1 March 2011


have "fixed" my bike and started cycling about.  saves a bit of money on getting the bus to work everyday, 5 X £2.40 = £12 a week and so £50 a month.
could do with fixing the thing up a bit better, its 12 years old and still has the original tyres which are completely bald and i've not quite fixed the brakes properly so only the front ones really work.  it gets me about though and i reckon as well as the bit of money it also saves 12-15 minutes a day waiting for buses. so if we say for work 5 X 12 minutes = 1 hour a week and so 4 hours a month of waiting around for buses!
 i also usually beat the bus to work and have the bonus of not having to breath in the whiff of smelly people

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