Sunday, 13 May 2012

blue moon has risen

city have won the title with the last kick of the season, more drama than you could ever predict.  it was all going pete tong when QPR went 2-1 up and utd were 1-0 up at sunderland.  but 2 city goals in injury time! amazing! gotta be the most exciting end to a season ever. Joey Barton though, what a prick, he's made himself look a total bell end, no doubt he'll be back on twitter quoting Plato soon trying to convince us all he's cultured, not fooling anyone.


R.O.B said...

No, in fact he was on twitter calling Shearer a "bell"

sprinch said...

i know and trying to argue with lineker, i tweeted barton some abuse and then unfollowed the prick