Sunday, 26 June 2011

triathlon, more beer, glasto

bec has done liverpool triathlon today, came 2nd - brilliant yet again.  i didnt go this time as i couldnt handle the immense effort it takes to get out of bed before 5am on a sunday.  i stayed home and watched a boring grand prix when i could have been outside enjoying the sunny weather.  

i've been in the dog house all weekend, after stumbling in at 2am on thursday night, i couldnt say no to a few more pints on friday night with ryan. only telling bec 30 mins before i left the house didnt go down too well.

its glastonbury weekend, last night and tonight have been spent watching it on tv.  must go again next time, its definitely the best festival in existence.  not seen much good stuff on tv this year though, really dont care about u2, coldplay, elbow and all that rubbish and cetainly not beyonce.  wouldnt have gone to see that sort of stuff if i'd been there anyway.  best acts i've seen on tv this year- chemical brothers, primal scream, pendulum and the vaccines.

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