Friday, 19 August 2011

excessive use of brackets

right then so what have you done on your week off jonny???  i need to prepare some fantastically interesting stories of activities i've done (lies) rather than what i've actually done (nothing).  stop putting comments in brackets! (no!).

right well i have done some stuff, i went to see the new inbetweeners film, was pleased with myself for booking tickets for the first night, it was good, may even go and see it again.  its impossible to watch a film without snacks. impossible! but i am not at all happy to pay £6.50 for a coke and packet of sweets so as usual i stuff my pockets full of  supermarket bought snacks.  i've even started upgrading my snacks to cashews and them little bottles of wine (fit in pockets(just about)).

the funniest bit of the film was when emily and charlotte found someone sitting in their seats (not actually in the film) and it turned out they both had the same seat numbers, bit of a problem as the tickets are sold out. "well we were here first so dont know what you're going to do!", a comment which turned out to be hilarious when emily spotted that their tickets had the date of wednesday next week and not wednesday this week! brilliant!

got v festival coming up for the weekend, just got a sunday day ticket and the plan is to sneak into the campsite with gaz and emma who are there for the weekend, if that fails i'm sleeping rough for the night.  the line up for v is shit, i dont really have anyone i wanna see that much but i dont mind coz that just means i'll have fun and not worry about where i am at what time.

i've also given in to sky sports this week, i am now signed up and even got a deal including free hd.  looking forward to watching football on my own telly instead of down the pub (although was good excuse to go for a pint) or poor quality stream on dodgy website.

well thats all from me, considering i've done fuck all this week its a rather long post! (unnecessarily long)

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