Tuesday, 11 March 2014

the bells, the bells

The first marks are on the canvas for the next in my series of portraits.  Although I have a policy of not revealing my work until I'm happy it doesn't look like Quasimodo, I can confirm at this stage that the subject is a known occasional reader of this blog which means it may well be YOU.  This may make you feel slightly uneasy when I mention that to complete my work of art I will need to stare at photographs of you for at least 10 hours or so.

I will update you of course when the work is complete but for now here is a pixelated image of my preliminary sketches as a teaser and if you happen to resemble Quasimodo then I'd say there's a highly increased chance that it's you.
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Anonymous said...

hmmm, i know who that is

R.O.B said...

Right what's going on here...?

It looks like a bad photo has been chosen, pulling a stupid expression.

As a warning, there will be sanctions if this puts me in a bad light.

jonny brand said...

If you impose sanctions against me then I will drop the maltese shilling as reserve currency and hold a referendum for gzira to become an autonomous state