Wednesday, 28 September 2011

lakes, pikes and fireballs

set out at 7am and were at ambleside in the lake district by about 10am.  set off to conquer wansfell pike and sat up there admiring the amazing views from the top.  had a good 5 hour walk through the hills which we can call a very small scale training run for the Himalayas, yes! thats right the flights to nepal have been booked!
so anyway had a great hike* in the very sunny september sun passing by water falls, over mountainous hills and through the woods finishing with a couple of drinks beside lake windemere.
got back to crewe for about 8.30pm and whilst waiting for a bus at the train station there was an explosion over the road,  a big wall of fire and then all the electric got knocked out in the area causing a bit of traffic chaos.  the bus couldnt come past and neither could taxis so bit more walking to get home this time over the flat concrete plains of crewe.

*hiking sounds a bit too serious to describe our days walking but less like an oap's outing than 'rambling'.  trekking is definitely over doing it


Strummer said...

Are you sure all of these things have actually happened?

sprinch said...

yep, pretty sure