Saturday, 19 November 2011

perfect day?

Saturday 19th
Trekking Ulleri to Ghorepani
It was freezing cold last night so I slept with all my clothes on including woolley hat and gloves so was pleasantly surprised to be able to have a hot shower this morning.  Started trekking at 8am, Sanne has joined us to walk today which is nice, its good getting to know someone with similar interests to us.  Walked through lots of forest today, love the forest especially wild unmanaged forest like this.  The trail takes us along high forested ridges, rocky waterfalls and river gorges, we pass occasional settlements where people are chopping wood, washing clothes and preparing crops.  We pass a large herd of goats being guided down the path, i somehow got boxed in as they passed whilst stood precariously on the edge of a steep drop, the goats scramble past and one of them decides to leap from a rock infront of me right over my head, its hoofs missing my head by centimetres!
By mid afternoon we reach Hotel Snowland lodge and whilst sat with Bec, Sanne and Ram in the warm sunshine enjoying a some mint tea we watch the clouds drift away to reveal snow topped mountain peaks.  We decide to climb Poon Hill to see the sunset, it takes about 45 minutes to the top taking us 3250 metres high and rewarding us with brilliant panoramic views of several of the worlds highest mountain peaks.  Its cold up there but really peaceful, the air is the freshest I've ever breathed and the scenery some of the most incredible I've ever seen.  We watch the sun go down painting the sky red behind a silhouette of trees and then race back down to the lodge to warm up with a big pot of mint tea.  We're sat right now around the chimney stove in the middle of the lodge keeping warm with the family who run the place.  Can the day get any more perfect? actually yes,  I forgot to mention the mesmerising night sky lit up with thousands and thousands of bright stars, its too cold to stay out for too long but I've never seen anything like it, no light pollution, no air pollution and no cloud tonight, i could stare up there wondering all night but my fingers, toes and other bits were going numb.

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