Sunday, 2 March 2014

Anyone for chess?

As I said a few days ago many Ukrainians won't get their voices heard unless Russia start showing their teeth and now Russia are doing just that!  Government leaders of the west aren't happy of course because this compromises the self elected government they have promoted (aka "democracy").  David Cameron says there's "no excuse" for outside intervention in Ukraine and Obama reckons "there will be costs for military intervention", in other words- stop messing things up for our new pro west government, only we are allowed to point guns at people.
Apparently it's an invasion but Russian military has secured stability in Crimea within 2 days without firing a shot and a referendum is planned for the Crimean people within one month, maybe the US and NATO could watch and learn a few things here but I don't they'll comprehend why there's no bombing yet.  Don't forget how good the Russians are a playing chess, they'll make you look stupid!

The state sponsored BBC and the mainstream media are blatantly anti Russian with their angle and  in the language they use so it's interesting to read the same news from a state sponsored Russian angle understanding that the truth is somewhere in between.

articles from Russia Today;

 Thousands rally against illegitimate government in eastern Ukraine

 Ukrainian military resigning en masse

 Ukrainian Navy takes Russia's side


Vlad said...

Got to love Russian diplomacy! lol

Anonymous said...

Our unbeaten record in world wars could be about to end