Saturday, 28 January 2012


in by myself tonight, bec has gone to liverpool for a girls night out and i've not bothered contacted my mates but its ok i enjoy a bit of jonny time. homemade curry didnt quite work but once its been washed down with beer its all the same i suppose. tv is a bit rubbish, so many channels full off so much watery shite, i've settled on "20 football transfers that shook the world" on itv4, amused by the rumours that ac milan signed luther blisset from watford by mistake thinking they had signed john barnes. still a while until match of the day is on so an xbox session is probably inevitable. bit annoyed with becci for shouting at me because she wasnt ready to go out in time, she seems to have spent all afternoon struggling to apply fake eyelashes and apparantly cant possibly go out without wearing them (?????). also there seems to be yet more new clothes and accessories, why? why not actually wear something more than once?? the wardrobes are so crammed full they're nearly falling apart but then there's those famous recurring words "I've got nothing to wear".

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