Sunday, 5 February 2012

the black keys

went to nottingham friday to see the black keys. drove down with ryan and colin, got to lino's and off out to the pub for a few pints (or snifters as ryan says), taxi to city centre met up with a few others for more drinks. met lewis, mary, wildor, sadie and pete at the gig and had a few more beers.....staring to feel quite pissed by now. black keys were brilliant although the sound in there is awful, capital fm arena i think it was called but then arenas always have shit sound for gigs. off out after for more drinks and to throw a few shapes. woke up sunday at linos feeling like death but after a three hour drive back due to the ice covered road choas i woke up enough to go for a snifter and a bit of banter favourite black keys song on the night - gold on the ceiling

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