Sunday, 4 August 2013

Why don't you?.....

.....switch off your TV set!  Over the past month I have completely abstained from the mindless brain numbing shit that is televison, I would estimate 2 hours of TV viewing over the past 4 weeks and that 2 hours is 2 hours too much.  I have instead invested my time in the things that make me myself, I've got back into my artwork, done lots of catching up with friends and got myself some fresh air.  You know when you say to friends "yeh we'll meet up some time" and never actually arrange anything?  You make out you're too busy even though you've spent several unproductive hours vegetating in front of a screen you lazy fucker.
I knew I was doing this but realised it had to stop so I got in contact with numerous different friends, old and new, and invited myself round for a brew or a night out, it feels good and its kept me busy pretty much every day for the past few weeks.  The time I spend at home I work on new art and paintings and instead of dribbling and picking my nose on the sofa it's better to relax outside in the garden or go for the occasional run.  OK I do still waste a lot of time messing about on the internet but overall my time feels better spent.
TV rots your brain, stifles creativity, feeds you propaganda and promotes consumerism.  It only provides superficial momentary relief from boredom.  You don't need it.  Turn it off.  Don't switch back on.  Your life will be better.

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