Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lavaly day

My only disappointment today was that the volcano didn't erupt while we were there.  Imagine how exciting it would be running down the side of a mountain with flowing lava in very hot pursuit, obviously you'd be filming it as you run, taking selfies with the lava in the background so you can show all your friends some cool photos if you make it back home alive.  The last time mount Poas had a big eruption was 1953 and before that 1918 I think so it must be due a big one but we were spared molten rock today and just engulfed in choking clouds of sulphur.  The first crater is the biggest of any active volcano in the world measuring 1.2km across, filled with a very acidic lake and billowing out plumes of smelly sulphur which at times turns the sky completely white.  The secondary crater is not currently active and its turquoise lagoon surrounded by primary rainforest is begging to be swam in although apparently its not a great idea as its still slightly acidic and is full of strange organisms.
After the volcano the tour bus we're on makes the long winding route back down and does its obligatory stops at craft shops along the way where we are supposed to buy over priced souvenirs.  Next we get a tour around a coffee plantation. Actually very interesting to see how much time and work goes on between planting a seed and pouring a cup, plus I was wired on all the free coffee, obviously I had to try each variety several times and make up for the fact that Becci hates coffee!  Next we visited a huge red church made entirely of metal before then making another stop at a souvenir shop parading as a craft workshop.  Back home at the hotel we meet up with the group we'll be travelling through to Panama with, bit of a mixed bunch it seems and we won't really get to know any of them for another day or two because the majority have opted out of the white water rafting en route to the coast tomorrow.  We are up for it though which means a 6am start in the morning and with that in mind it's time for me to get my head down. 

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