Thursday, 7 November 2013

Puerto Viejo

The way it works on the tour we're on is we travel with a group of like minded people who are complete strangers at the start and could be from any corner of the world.  We all stay at the same accommodation and we have a group organiser (in this case Cindy who is Costa Rican) who sorts out any activities we want to do, provides us with useful local knowledge, arranges all our travel and sorts out any problems.  Today we went with most of the group together and did a few things.  We did a kind of nature walk in the morning where our guide Harry helped us spot sloths, iguanas, monkeys, raccoons and a load of other stuff along wooded trail, we swam in the warm sea on a quiet forest lined beach and I got bored while Becci and everyone sunbathed so I went for a run along the beach.  Later we then went to a small independent chocolate factory and learned how the cocoa was grown and turned into chocolate and ate everything from the seeds to the finished product.  We then went to swim in a rock pool under a big waterfall.  When we got back in the afternoon, Bec and me hired bikes to cycle through the town and see a bit more of the area before we move on again tomorrow and cross the border into Panama.  the place we are staying at is nice, there is a black sand beach across the road. Feeling quite groggy today with a cold hence today's report being less descriptive/humorous/cynical than usual.  Hopefully I'll be back on form by tomorrow.....

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