Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jazzed up

The Nantwich Jazz and Blues Festival is otherwise known to most local people as an annual excuse for an all day binge drinking extravaganza, but Yoc, Jay, Gaz and myself went out at 3pm with our sensible heads on and decided to just have a couple of sociable ones, some stimulating conversation, a bit of amiable mingling and then head home.  I mean you don't have to crazy every time you go out do you?  You can still have a good time without needing to get ridiculously intoxicated.

At 4am I crawled into bed.

The next 5 days I suffered the most putrid, painful, drawn out hangover that any human has ever experienced.  In my mental haze the only thoughts that made sense were that last sunday, as good as it was, really is not worth a week of feeling like my insides need ripping out.  My head throbs, my stomach aches, If I sit still for more than 10 seconds I'm likely to fall asleep.  By Wednesday and Thursday things are still rough, if I ever actually fully recover then that sensible head I mentioned before well I'm gonna find it, put it on, and never take it off.  Friday I'm feeling a bit ropey but settling back into real life.

Saturday I wake up feeling fresh, I'm cured! Feeling good and thinking back to a triumphant days partying last week I'm wondering when's the next one?  It was definitely worth it.  Let's get on it again!  I'm rrrrrready to rolllllll!!!

the only known photographic evidence

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