Sunday, 1 June 2014


Tower Bridge. Covent Garden. Theatre. Matilda. Leicester Square. Hyde park. Triathlon. Triathlon. Camden Town. Camden rocks. Get cape wear cape fly. Hyde park. Serpentine. Swimming. Sunshine. Home.
Got into London midday Friday, staying at a studio apartment near Tower Bridge for couple of nights.  extremely tasty meal in Covent Garden and then went to see Matilda at the theatre which was really good.  I was going to moan about dick turpin in the theatre bar charging us £20 for two drinks but actually I don't think I'll mention it, don't want to take the edge off how good Matilda was.  Who'd have thought? Me enjoying a west end musical?! although I probablypartly have Roald Dahl to thank. Wandered about Leicester Square watching the break dancers in the street and had some drinks.  Next morning it was off out for a 10k run in the sunshine along the Thames, past Big Ben, houses of Parlament, London Eye, Tower Bridge etc. A vibrant run to wake up whilst taking in all the sights, or at least that's how Bec described it to me when she got back and I was crawling out of bed.  Off out to Hyde park to watch how the pros do it.  Had tickets in the grandstand for the London world triathlon.  Watched all the Brits get beaten, thought the Brownlees were gonna be back on top in the men's but not quite today, good races though.  Got a sunburnt nose.  Out to Camden Rocks festival at night, really busy, Camden's a bit of a crazy place, think we stood out a bit with our alternative looking appearance, probably drew a lot of attention due to having not a single tattoo and no face piercings, haven't even got blue hair.  Planned to see Nine Black Alps and the Virgin Marys but first we couldn't find Dingwalls, the venue and then there was a big queue to get in so instead we got into The Cuban in time to see Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly which was brilliant so it all turned out well.  Only saw a couple of bands as we didn't get down there until about 9.  The tube changes at night, just as busy but the people are drunk, falling about laughing instead of silently staring anywhere that guarantees no eye contact with any other human beings.  This morning it seemed a good idea to go open water swimming in the Serpentine before we travel home, so off to Hyde Park again for some refreshing exercise in the searing sunshine..... No, of course I didn't get in! I was quite happy waiting in the sun for an hour with my headphones on.  Tackle the tube one last time which is a bit of a pain with all your bags but I think the rule is that as long as you don't interact with anybody everything will be fine.  All in all a decent weekend, quite an eclectic mix of activities.  Good Fun.  I have no money left but it was worth it, thanks London.

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