Tuesday, 23 September 2014

More War = Love and Peace

So for the last couple of years the US, Britain, NATO and Western aligned Arab countries have been funding, arming and assisting 'rebels' in Syria to try and overthrow Assad's Government, erm oops i meant to say Assad's regime, and now it has been decided that these rebels are actually terrorists and so we have to bomb them.  So does this mean they were previously collaborating with these Islamic State terrorists?  Oooh don't worry about that! stop asking questions, here are the facts.....

 No civilians will die or be displaced by these strikes, only evil terrorists will be affected because firing missiles from the sea hundreds of miles away has pin point accuracy.

No roads, homes, water supply or electricity infrastructure will be destroyed and in the remote chance that this does happen US troops will come and clear everything up and assist local independent contractors in repairing the damage.

Bombing a declared Islamic state is definitely not an act of war against Syria because the supposed enemy is not officially Syria as a sovereign nation.  It's also definitely not a war crime because although Syria's government gave no consent for military action the US told them they were going to drop bombs in their country regardless so it's all fine.

The alliance of Arab countries assisting the US militarily is absolutely not a PR front and it's just a coincidence that Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE have been and are staunch allies of the US.  All these countries will have hugely significant involvement and it won't just be their names tagged to the situation because as Obama tells us "IS is not America's fight alone".

The war against ISIS has no wider motive to further destabilise the Syrian Government, it's just a coincidence that US and Britain were eager to bomb them last year but it wasn't politically viable to do so at the time.

Hardly anyone has died in Iraq due to war over the last 10 years, only a million or so people so history suggests that arming Kurdish groups in Iraq won't really ignite more war and more deaths. Arming people to fight against people you have also armed previously has something to do with democracy somewhere, I'm sure it does.  More weapons = peace.

Russia and Iran having a mutual defense agreement with Syria is completely irrelevant and both of these countries warning the US against military actions inside Syria is nothing to be concerned about.

David Cameron announcing his backing of military strikes and offering support to the US will be a complete shock to us all and at no point do we expect to see Britain getting involved in another messy illegal war.

No part of the military industrial complex will profit from this latest round of war mongering, all weapons manufacturers and military contractors will still exist if there is no more war and they will still make billions in profit if we have nobody to fire tomohawk missiles at and don't decide to bolster our nuclear defense systems when all war has ended.

All of this will be over really soon, everything will have a happy ending and people from all countries involved will be forever grateful that all this war and destruction has yet again brought love and  peace to the world.

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I think the first half of this 28min video says everything you need to hear.