Monday, 22 September 2014

Prem predictions

Last year's demise of Man Utd was hilarious, absolutely brilliant.  So along Van Gaal came to turn things round and masterminded their worst ever start to a premier league season! Bring back Moyes?
Yesterday watching Utd go 3-1 up at Leicester in some style I thought aah well it was funny while it lasted but looks like these new signings are gonna do the business.  But no! Leicester won 5-3, we can keep on laughing! hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaahahahahaaha!

There's only one thing guaranteed in this years premier league, nobody will get anywhere near Chelsea and City, I predict a two horse romp, with whoever's 3rd being way way behind, Chelsea maybe to edge the title now that they've signed Costa and Fabregas.

Liverpool won't quite live up to last season but can scrape a top 4, usual story for Arsenal who are forever a team in transition but they'll bag 3rd.

Good to see Swansea, Leicester and Southampton up near the top especially Southampton considering they sold all their players! They'll not quite stay that high but top half of mid table

Crystal Palace will stay up, good to watch and gotta love Neil Warnock!

Relegated this year.....Burnley, West Brom, aaannnd..... Man United :-) hahahahahaha!

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Jimmy Hill said...

Well Whatever. this is more like it 1.Man City 2.Chelsea 3.Man U 4.Arsenal 5.Liverpool