Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Other White Album

Another family photo album, this one from around 1985.  I think that's 7 I've scanned now. This is like the modern day equivalent of that person in the 80's that kept making you watch slide shows (thanks Dad), except that now you can flick through them by yourself in less than a minute rather than endure an hour showing of a whole box of slides complete with intervals when the slides get stuck in the projector. 

Written on back: Robert filling the fruit bowl. August 1985
Written on back: Robert & John December 1985. Watching T.V.
Written on back: Playing marbles John & Robert December 1985
Written on back: Heath Park Cardiff. Robert, Lynda & John Autumn 1985
Written on back: Grinshill (Stig of the Dump) November 1985
Written on back: John & Robert. Swansea. Autumn 1985
Written on back: Robert, Lynda, John and Rob. Swansea. Autumn 1985

Written on back: 14th Feb - Lib surrounded by her valentines day flowers! (The chrysants in the jugs on the floor were mine from Roly!) (The painting of Grinshill hill on wall!)
Written on back: Feb 1986 oops - dash that wind!
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R.O.B said...

1) can I request that my face is pixelated in some of these, the ones where I look ugly

2) a summary album needs to be made to post on f.b. and get loads of attention

3) if the train wheel is still there, then the first photo needs to be recreated in December. It will be embarrassing with people watching but worth it. Get on it.

jonny brand said...

A reenactment of that photo after 29 years sounds a good idea, have you still got that red jacket?