Sunday, 5 October 2014

off with IS head

Just trying to put myself into the mind of a ruthless terrorist..... Yes I think I'll film the beheading of some hostages and then I'll do a polished post production and fade to black to edit out the most gruesome part of the actual beheading because although I'm extremely evil I do have boundaries of decency.  I will then clean up all the blood and just show a still photo of the decapitated head on the body.  I will then keep uploading these videos to unknown accounts because I want armies from America and Europe to keep on bombing me and my terrorist soldiers to hamper our sinister objectives of creating an Islamic State.

Now I'll try and put myself in the mind of an American/European member of the public (ooh I'm one of those!)..... Hmmmm I've seen about these beheading videos all over the news and media constantly for every minute of every day, I've not seen the actual beheading part in them because even the original versions don't show that, and now I can't see them at all because they've been banned from being shown on youtube or anywhere in the media, but the media tells me they've beheaded a couple of British and Americans so I am outraged and will post status updates on social media saying how disgusted I am with undertones of religious/racial hatred.  I now accept Iraq and Syria being bombed at a cost of billions in taxpayer's money because my government told me not to question it, actually I don't really care anymore, it's boring now and X Factor is on in a minute anyway.

Now who knows what goes on in the mind of a Western politician leader?! David Cameron for instance finds himself able to announce public service cuts and new taxes to make up £billions in deficit whilst simultaneously backing military action in Iraq at a cost of £billions!

Both US and UK governments seem 100% satisfied with the authenticity of the videos from day one, and America (of course) was first to initiate a new war which is based on a few oddly editted YouTube videos created and uploaded by persons unknown.  With the 'beheading' videos and related stories there has never been a better example of what six weeks of wall to wall media coverage can achieve in terms of transforming public opinion.  In this case, the objective is a green light to reignite the War on Terror into Iraq and Syria and to re-brand the enemy from Al Qaeda to ISIS.  With the help of US and European multinational corporate TV networks, the videos have triggered an artificial tidal wave of national hysteria.

Logically if the real objective was to eliminate ISIS, then you would expect Washington and the Obama regime would want to sit down with both the Syria and Iraqi governments in order to create a strategy to flush out the so called Islamic State. With that level of coordination, the terror group could be wiped out in no time, but that cannot happen because the US has a double agenda. 
Part one of that agenda is the popular front with the US and it's allies promising to degrade ISIS, while the second part is the unpopular covert agenda of continuing the long running project of driving a messy civil war inside Syria by supporting, funding and arming rebel fighters to achieve a change of Governance in Syria. 

The US will use any air strikes in Syria to hit key Syrian military targets carried out under a complete media blackout around ‘wrong targets’, and also use air strikes to provide air cover for the Syrian 'rebels' which it has been funding and arming since 2012.  Please remember last year when with the backing of the military industrial complex the Obama regime and drooling puppet PM Cameron were desperately trying to convince everyone we needed to bomb Syria, it was so unpopular they couldn't do it and set about arming terrorist groups for a proxy war instead.  A year on and here we are firing missiles and dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria to fight the terrorists that we armed last year.  Arms manufacturers are popping the champagne again.  British made Brimstone missiles cost £100,000 each (could pay annual salary of three nurses for every single missile fired),  American Tomahawk missiles cost $1.4million each! (wow!)

£££ kerrr ching! $$$

see also the post i wrote a couple of weeks ago "More War = Love and Peace

Oh by the way, nice to see that stock prices for military contractors (such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman) shot to all time record highs last week when Obama and Co. committed to more prolonged and sustained war in Iraq and Syria.  Nice one! At least someone benefits, it's not all doom and gloom. :-)

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