Friday, 3 October 2014

Wise words

I'm pretty sure nobody actually takes much notice of my blog, I'm just spouting off into space really.  I don't mind if nobody reads it but then what would people be more interested in?  I thought maybe I should start making some of those images that have inspirational quotes next to them, you know the ones that everyone reposts on every form of social media as if it proudly represents their way of life even though they are sat on their fat arse every night never ever doing any of what it says in any of these things.  Yeh that's right, you know the ones, we all know.
Right then, so here's the first one I've made featuring a quote from the most famous silver surfer of all time, Mahatma Gandhi.  If Gandhi had seen this when he was alive then I reckon he'd definitely retweet it and then probably put it as his instagram profile pic.

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