Monday, 10 November 2014


Having only just arrived this evening there's not much to report yet but I'm sure I can summarise a few things.

* As a Brit abroad one thing that friends and family are bound to ask before anything else, even before "did you have a good time?" is "how much is a pint?" so yeh it's about a quid, the beer is cheap which makes you not realise when you're buying an 'expensive' super strength beer for £1.50, still gotta drink it though eh?
* everyone speaks perfectly good English which is a bit disappointing because they have no patience whatsoever for an Englishman trying to dribble out a few Hungarian phrases in a Polish accent. If I can't master the Hungarian fully then throwing in a bit of broken German to compensate still counts right?
* I put my foot in a pond, after a few drinks I thought it was glass not water (???).  Walked about the bars with a soaking wet left foot all night.
* they have some proper dudes on their bank notes these Hungarians

That's it for today, will report back tomorrow if we've done anything decent.....

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Gambo said...

Now then, having just read and commented on your deep and lengthy account on why you will not wear a poppy ... you have brought us back down to earth with a bump with your first blog about life in Hungary. Beer, beer and yet more beer!!! O no, I fogot ... extra strong beer, plus a picture of a banknote with a picture of Vlad the Impaler! Come on, lets hear about the weather and the usual stuff such as how big the cochroaches are. And broken German too - I wasn't aware that you knew any. Don't tell me, you only know how to ask for a pint in German (or should that be a litre?!). Expect an account of the public transport system and the traditional dishes tomorrow, together with what religeon they profess and whether it is customary to spit in the street and open the door for ladies. We want to know all the pros and all the cons.