Friday, 17 April 2015

Do buy some crisps while you're there

With my friends the Canvins out in Dubai at the moment I was naturally interested in how they're getting on, are they enjoying the trip to see Emma's sister & family and of course the obvious question- what are the crisps like out there? Do people even eat crisps in the UAE? surely they do?! Upon inquiring I was informed that they had only come across some rather average crisps called Bugles so far but a more detailed report would follow after further investigation.
So here it is, the full Dubai crisp report as undertaken by international crisp reviewers the Canvin family April 2015.....

15/04/2015 20:40 Gaz Canv: So, Dubai crisps have been tried and tested, and here are the results.

1) cheetos cheese and tomato. Pretty standard crisp with a mild kick from the ketchup. Decent texture decent amount of crisps. 7/10

2) lays chili. Walkers crisps with chili flavour. Good crisp, hefty kick if not eaten with a beer. 8/10

3) Mr Krisps. Pretty much got a monopoly on the crisp market out here. Tomato rings, low on flavour, tasted stale, strangely ok though. 6/10

4) mr Krisps twists. See above, but a bit worse. 5/10

5) mr Krisps multigrain. Shit. 1/10

6) sinbad the sailor curry flavour crisps. Texture wise, tasted like they'd been made six years ago and someone forgot to reseal the packet. Flavour wise though - WOW! Smashing crisps flavour is curry. Not messing about with a particular type of curry, its just curry. But what a curry! 9/10. Perfect with a cobra!!

7) fuck know what these are called, but the packet depicts a squirrel flying a plane using a crisp as a telescope!!! What else is there to know? They are lina tube snacks, as the packet shows, like a tubular wotsit. Ok crisps, amazing packet. 6/10 for crisps, 10/10 in the packet.

15/04/2015 20:59 Gaz Canv: And thats it. Hope you enjoyed that. I enjoyed compiling this. See you back in Britain soon!!!

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