Sunday, 30 January 2011

mind blowing

i put myself under pressure a bit last time by promising a mind blowing post and now i'm only going to disappoint......
about to go out with Bec for a walk through the fields behind our estate, pretty mind blowing eh?  It'll give me some time to talk to Bec and try and persuade her that India is a good idea for our next 'holiday'.  Bec has the idea in her head that the whole country is "scubby", by that I think she means uncivilised and unclean and she's right some of it probably is but thats what travel is about for me- seeing how other people live and breaking down the sweeping generalisations we assume about people and places.
Got some nights out lined up in the form of bands to go and see in feb and march so am looking forward to that and thinking I may try and get tickets for v festival this year.
right gotta go now, bec is shouting me...

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