Monday, 24 March 2014

The Modern Masters

Here are two works of art, one of them created by Pablo Picasso, the other by Ethan Newell.
'The Bird Cage' by Picasso, oil on canvas, 1923, currently held in a private collection of Mr Victor Ganz in New York, US.
Untitled work by Newell, felt tip on paper, 2014, as a gift to private collection of John Brand, Cheshire, England.

We are making comparison here to an exceptionally prolific artist demonstrating extraordinary creative talent, his style changes as he experiments with different theories, techniques, and ideas inspiring and influencing several generations of artists with a whole genre of art spilling out into popular culture.  And so for Picasso to be compared and mentioned in the same breath as Newell in this way must tell you that Picasso also has the potential for his works to be revered in such high worldly esteem.  As you gaze in admiration at the works of both of these artists suddenly you become filled with perplexed wonderment at how Picasso could have been so heavily influenced by the work of Newell despite having died 33 years before Ethan was born.


Anonymous said...

The young chap is clearly very talented.

jonny brand said...

I hear a rumour some of his work is to feature in an exhibition at a prestigious French gallery called la frigedoré