Tuesday, 7 June 2011

stop being a music snob

i have to admit to being a music snob at times and sometimes i think rightly so, i have to maintain some principles but recently i think i may have got it wrong.  i initially snubbed the vaccines due to them being suspiciously over promoted on radio 1 and seeing adverts for there album on tv.  if a new band is instantly raved about barely having sung their first note then surely they are going to be rubbish even if zane lowe says otherwise.  but gradually the tunes have won me over and now i'm listening to the album several times a day.  maybe i'm too snobby, disliking music if an artist hints at being just a little bit commercialised or non genuine but then actually maybe if the musics good enough it'll win you over regardless.

in this case i have to ask myself- what did you expect from the vaccines?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that you won't get sick anymore! [chortle!]