Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Kathmandu is calling.....

Went to Manchester with Becci yesterday. I wanted to go to the travel agents to price up travelling to Kathmandu in November and Becci wanted to watch a film.

Went to STA travel and spoke to the same girl who booked the Vietnam trip last year, she remembered me!  I've become a bit obsessed with going to Nepal, it looks absolutely amazing but the only problem is the flights alone will cost £850 although that is via Mumbai so a few nights in Mumbai would be quite mad too.  I've promised myself that if £600 can be saved by August then i'm booking it.

So if i ever make it to Nepal then Mount Everest base camp is near Kathmandu, maybe i'll trek up to the summit if I have a spare day or take the cable car, mountains always have cable cars right?

Couple of drinks and some food at my favourite place Tampopo and then on to the cinema to watch The Hangover 2, it was amusing enough, watchable but the humour is a bit too American for me also theres some weird scenes with a monkey smoking ciggies which I wasnt keen on, dont know how they got away with showing it actually.

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