Thursday, 24 November 2011

on to Bhaktapur

Thurs 24th
Pokhara to Kathmandu to Bhaktapur
tourist bus Pokhara to Kathmandu - 500 rupess,  local bus Kathmandu to Bhaktapur - 25 rupees
About 8 hours on the on the bus back to Kathmandu then we wanted to get a local bus to Bhaktapur rather than the easy option of a taxi not just to save money but also for the experience of doing what most tourists don't do.  We walked across the city, map in hand to a local bus stop and jumped on what was hopefully the right bus getting in everyone's way with our backpacks.  I'm sat literally next to the driver with my face pressed up against the windscreen and Bec is sat nice and comfy a bit further back.  The bus is absolutely packed full but it still keeps stopping to let more and more people on.  After about an hour we arrive in Bhaktapur and go in search of a guesthouse, we've spent all day travelling and its getting dark so we don't mess about and plump for one of the first places we come across.  The staff at the Himalaya Guesthouse seem really friendly, they show us a room which is perfectly good and we agree a price of 1000 rupees, more than we've usually paid but its still only £8 and the room is good and has hot water.  As I said the staff are really helpful and friendly and one of them, who calls himself Robin Hood, is hyperactively happy, when I sign the guestbook he says I write like a sparrow(??).
We go for a wander around in the dark, the streets are narrow and paved with red brick, the buildings have wooden shutters on the windows and overhang the narrow streets.  The Durbar Square looks eerie and haunted in the dark, there's no street lighting here and Bec is too scared to walk across the spooky looking square with all its old temples and imposing stone statues.  Everywhere closes early here, you need to have eaten by 8pm or you'll go hungry so we find somewhere quick then get back to the guesthouse to sup some lemon tea and try some of the curd Bhaktapur is famed for, its a lot tastier than it looks.  So off early to bed and we'll explore Bhaktapur properly tomorrow.

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