Monday, 17 February 2014

We're all criminals

"The UK government will make it a criminal offence to smoke in cars in England when children are passengers, a Downing Street source has said." ref- BBC News-
I don't smoke, I don't drive and I have no children, so although it doesn't affect me I still think the Government should have this law shoved right up their fat turd box.
"The liberty to smoke in your car in front of a child doesn't seem to me that important and protecting a child's health does seem to me to be incredibly important." - Norman Lamb, Health Minister
What next then Norm? Maybe police should make routine child health raids at MacDonalds and hand out fines to parents buying happy meals because human beings do not know how to be responsible parents, children are at risk and must be protected by new laws.  I actually think all town centres should be monitored by snotty nose cams, parents neglecting to wipe crusty bogies from their unhealthy virus ridden children will receive on the spot fines or community service.
So is smoking in your own home allowed?  Dunno, ask your nanny state, because you shouldn't really be thinking and making decisions for yourself. 

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law abiding citizen said...

idea for new law- all smokers must have their children taken to the barbers to have "at risk" shaved into the back of their head. If this is not possible in the case of babies with no hair or the barbers being closed for lunch then the child must be taken into care as a matter of urgency and the parent charged with child abuse with a minimum of life imprisonment when found guilty. thoughts?