Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Anyone fancy a p(a)int?

As per the previous post it becomes harder to get your mates out for a pint once you reach your 30's, they're either changing nappies, complaining of being skint or being plain miserable, lazy and boring.  So I came up with a solution of sorts, and it's much easier now.  I've added a new painting to the portrait project and there's enough of us now to go for a beer together!  It actually works better than getting down the pub with your your real live friends, there's no arguing about who's round it is, and best of all, having done a self portrait last year I don't even have to turn up myself, just leave 'em to it!  Cheers lads!
'Yoc' - acrylic on canvas, 2014

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Emma Canvin said...

Emma Canvin: ha ha love it :-)