Sunday, 13 May 2012

mashed in manchester

on the train straight out from work to meet lewis, wildor and parky in manchester.
couple of pints while watching the alex win their play off 1st leg.
met up with parker, lino and a few others.
on to the academy to see the cribs, good set, prefer seeing them in a smaller venue but still the cribs never disappoint. got my tshirt ripped in half from crowd surfing.
went off out on the town and on the way to the next bar somehow managed an epic 10 metre falling over just while casually walking, now covered in scrapes and bruises.
went in a bar called 'the deaf institute', cool little place, liked it in there.
went off to 42nd street where they wouldn't let me in without ID, when I exclaimed "I'm 34 mate, I don't carry ID" the bouncer guy says "in that case your too old then, this bar's for students". convincing bouncers I'm over 30 doesn't work anymore then! maybe I should start taking ID out but fake ID showing I'm 24!
As it happens it turned out well as we enjoyed a heavy night on the dubstep scene in factory 251, great fun, throwing some shit hot shapes.
crashed over at lewis's mates flat then got up at an unhealthy hour for a sprint across manchester to try and catch a 9.30am train so that Wil could get back to Crewe for a gym class he was supposed to be in charge of.  4 lads running across manchester carrying holdalls must have looked proper shifty.
got to the platform just in time...... to see the train pulling away.

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