Sunday, 1 July 2012

made of stone

the stone roses weekender got going friday midday with gaz and ryan.  ian brown himself found time in the morning to phone me but unfortunately i missed his call

a couple of beers on the train, tram to hotel, back out to city centre for food and beer and off to heaton park in good time to catch the vaccines.  a few beers later saw an end to our drinking due to horrendous crowds at the bars, decided queuing for an hour for beer was idiot and went to enjoy the wailers.  primal scream completed a decent support line up.
stone roses 2012
enter the fab four, resurrected live on stage with no less than an epic 2 hour set, sounding tight and unexpectedly in tune.  well worth the hype!
another epic performance followed after when we walked all the way back to salford quays, not once did we moan about aching legs and feet and the lack of beer. not once.  overall a good weekend of music, beer and banter.
saturday got back to crewe and went for a few snifters in the white lion to meet a load of mates who were off to see the stone roses second night, unfortunately their night went less well with tales of passing out and missing the show, a chipped tooth, a lost ticket, losing each other in the crowd, lost cameras, being manhandled by security and so on and so on.  nevermind, at least friday went well.

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