Friday, 8 March 2013

Any news from Iceland?

media blackout from icelandiceland economyA momentous and monumental revolution has taken place over the last 5 years in a nearby European country.  The Icelandic people have achieved what other western countries would think is impossible and that is exactly why we hear very little about it, if anything at all.  How can it be that our media has blanket ignorance of such a huge story in a nearby country?  If our media was free and in the interests of the people then surely we would have seen at the very least an occasional tv news report or newspaper article?
The Icelandic people have overthrown the government and the banks, new elections held through an alternative process, referendums held, executives and bankers arrested, a new constitution written.  All this started from protests and demonstrations which remained persistant and gradually became an uprising of the people.
The government, the bankers and the elite do not want us getting any big ideas, seeing this story covered regularly on tv would be a threat to the system and so somehow, amazingly the rest of the world is not fed this information.  This shows just how controlled we are by our media and more importantly how controlled our media is.  The faintest rumbling in a middle eastern country (that there is a financial/political interest in) and its on the news in a flash. You are only given news that the system wants you to know.  DON'T BELIEVE 'THE TRUTH'.
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Anonymous said...

our media is completely fixed, its disgusting. I didnt even know about this iceland story until stumbled over this page

Jonny Brand said...

The people of Cyprus now need to take the same stance as they did in Iceland and REFUSE TO PAY but i reckon the Cypriots won't even know what was achieved in Iceland and if they do revolt against the system watch it all suddenly disappear from our mainstream news