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Boston bombing still doesn't add up

The media is now steamrolling this story through with all the drama of the event, the chase, the capture, and next will come the motive and the reaction.  As the mainstream news blacks out key elements of the story and faithfully sensationalises the official story there are many pieces of widely available 'unofficial' evidence that just don't add up.
  • Suspect 1- Tamerlan Tsarnaev was captured, stripped naked, handcuffed, and shown on live television stepping into a police car. He is now reported to be dead. This in no way matches the official story that he was killed in a police gun fight.  The video can be seen below but has never since appeared on mainstream news.
  • Security video footage of suspect 2- Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shows him wearing a WHITE backpack, the image released of the exploded backpack is BLACK.
  • The brothers had been monitored by he FBI for the last 5 years so why ask the public to help identify them???  they already knew who they were!
  • The initial suspect Abdul Ali Aharbi who after his release was deported back to Saudi Arabia on 'national security grounds'. Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud Al-Faisal, was abruptly closed to the press on the same day that Abdul al-Harbi was being questioned.  What's the story on this man? Why did he need to be deported?
  • The alleged crisis actors - there are various anomalies in the photos of those were said to be critically hurt in the blast. The man (named Jeff Bauman) seen in the following photo has it seems had both his legs blown off in the bomb blast.....and that is why you can see blood spurting from his severed arteries, he is vomiting and ghost white from shock, he is passed out unconscious on a stretcher,  drenched in blood with a tight tourniquet so he doesn't die instantly from heavy blood loss.... oh wait hold on?  He must be okay because he's conscious, sitting up in a wheel chair, lightly holding a bandage on his leg and there's no blood spurting from his legs, actually there's hardly a drop on him,  phew! he must be fine then!  see here for closer analysis
jeff bauman

We then still have the previously unanswered questions following straight after the event
  • There was a bomb drill taking place on the day during the marathon.  Officials refuse to comment on
    contracted military
    this and completely ignore any questions mentioning this during press conferences
  • Numerous loudspeaker announcements urged spectators to stay calm, we are just conducting a drill, this continued right up until the explosion. Again officials refuse to comment on this and completely ignore any questions mentioning this during press conferences
  • The facebook tribute pages that were created 5 hours before the bombs exploded
  • Who are the contracted military operatives who's large black backpacks match the FBI released photo of the exploded backpack? why do the FBI deny the existence of these men despite widely circulated photos.  Several of these men were around the finish line before the explosion but were not to be seen after.
  • Bomb sniffer dogs already on the scene
The complete media blackout on all of these issues only fuels the conspiracy theories and speculation in alternative media.  Maybe there are acceptable explanations for all of these things but neither the US Government, the FBI or the mainstream media will address any of these questions.  Alternative news sites and youtube is awash with photographs and videos that are not shown or recognised in the mainstream news, we've all seen them so why not comment on it?  Instead they press on with the official story while we all wait to see what new agendas will be revealed on the back of all this.  

While all this was sensationalised in the media the US government was able to pass CISPA, a controversial bill on internet cyber intelligence sharing, they were given an excuse to test out a huge scale military lockdown of an entire city area, to divert attention from accusations of war crimes cited in a document released by The Constitution Project on the same day as the bombings, and of course we have fresh discussions on the war on terror etc etc.
martial law

Here we have the video as mentioned above.  This was broadcast live on CNN but never replayed since.  It appears to be the first brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was supposedly fatally wounded in a gun fight with police but is seen here stepping into a police car unhurt.  If it is not him then who is it?  and why has this footage not been used since on any of the news channels?

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