Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Holiday breaks at Guantanamo Bay

Detainees at Camp X-Ray

166 men are still imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, 150 or more of them are still being detained indefinitely without any trial, charge or accusations against them after 11 years..... yes! 11 years!  Around half of the prisoners have currently been on hunger strike for the last two months causing some of them to be hospitalised and force fed.  The hunger strike is no doubt an embarrassing inconvenience for the US authorities who are disregarding the human rights of these men and thus predictably it's not the huge media story it probably should be.  You can find mainstream media reports if you search for it and looking at one BBC news article I found the following part ridiculously comical...
"Nearly 100 of the detainees have been reportedly cleared for release but remain at the facility because of restrictions imposed by Congress and also concerns of possible mistreatment if they are sent back to their home countries."
So they're looking after them! aah how nice!  Rather than send them home where apparently they may be "mistreated" it's better they stay at Guantanamo and enjoy more meaningless years with occasional torture sessions to look forward to.  I'm sure it's been one long holiday for these prisoners, why would they want to go home?  That's what the hunger strike is for right?  To protest that they want to stay?
It's time to close Guantanamo Bay and send these men home, if there is nothing to be tried for after 11 years then they are innocent.

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