Monday, 26 August 2013


As we all know the rules of the road are different for cyclists than for motorists, there are certain things us pedal pushers can get away with, rules we can bend, laws it's okay to ignore.  Now the two minor crashes I've had recently can not be pointed to as a result of these relaxed rules of the road, getting hit by a car on a roundabout (not my fault), and falling off after hitting an over zealous dog (not my fault) are just the type of incident we cyclists have to learn to cope with.  I feel it's about time someone put down in writing the revised rules of the road for cyclists (RRRC)

  • Switching between road and pavement at will is any cyclists right.  sometimes it's to avoid traffic, sometimes we spot a handy shortcut or sometimes we just feel like it.  Don't beep at me, I'm allowed to do it.
  • Signalling to turn is not always necessary, if I'm turning left it is certainly not a necessity and if I've moved to the middle of the road it's pretty obvious I'm turning right anyway without sticking an arm out.
  • Traffic Lights - now you should probably stop at a red light most of the time but again if your turning left then most junctions will probably be safe to jump the lights.  This can be taken at the riders own judgement.
  • At a pedestrian crossing what's the point in waiting for a red light when nobody is crossing? And when someone is crossing just go when they've gone past, waiting until they've fully crossed the road to the other side is a silly rule especially in the case of a slowly hobbling pensioner.
  • It's night, you've got no lights but don't worry, you're a cyclist so you can ride on the pavement!

The RRRC are not a license to flaunt road safety but more a common sense approach to embrace the benefits of cycling over driving.  There are undoubtedly more points we could add to this list but the thing to remember is yes cycle safe but also exercise your right to cycle smart.

disclaimer- I will not be held responsible for any person who becomes hospitalised or becomes the victim of road rage due to illogical and irrational drivers.  Following the RRRC is at your own discretion and therefore you are responsible for your own safety.  Note that the RRRC relates to UK roads and readers from America or any other country that drives on the wrong side of the road should switch left for right and right for left.

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