Monday, 2 September 2013

Transfer Deadline Day

Transfer deadline day is like xmas eve, it's when men dash round doing all their shopping at the last minute.  The only clubs who don't do any business on the last day are Birmingham City and Norwich City because their directors finished all their club's shopping months ago on QVC*.
Again like xmas we have the traditions we all know and love;
-Teenage fans shouting, gurning and flicking the bird in the crowd behind the reporters outside the stadium.
-The countdown clock in the Sky Sports News studio.
-The huge last day marque signings comparable to the husband in the Jewellers on Xmas eve in a panic- think Ozil to Arsenal, Robinho to City, Rooney to Man Utd, Tevez to West Ham.
-Last minute deals confirmed with minutes left before the deadline, even better when the player is reported to be running to the training ground for a medical at 10.30pm.
-The rumour mill in overdrive when players are spotted at other clubs grounds
-And of course it wouldn't be transfer deadline day without Harry Redknapp being interviewed through his car window.

Happy transfer deadline day everybody!  Have a good one! All the best! x x x

*I have been asked why this is a joke in reference to Norwich and Birmingham.....If you don't get it, I'm not explaining it, It's not that funny (I think it is)

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Becci said...

I've never had a present from a jewellers at Christmas !!!!