Friday, 7 March 2014

More Ukraine bullshit

So it turns out that the 16,000 Russian troops deployed in the so called invasion of Crimea were actually already there, in fact they've been stationed there for the last 15 years in accordance with a treaty signed between Russia and Ukraine in 1997 with Russia being allowed up to 25,000 troops at their military bases in the Crimea region.

If you see in the media that Russia have 'violated international law' and are 'escalating the crisis' in the region by 'invading' Ukraine then you know you're being lied to and hopefully you'll stop believing the propaganda, and even better maybe become more sceptical over anything you ever see and hear in the mainstream media.
If having a military base in another country counts as an invasion then the US and NATO have invaded most countries across the world.

The US has dispatched more forces to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, despite these countries not being under threat.  They sent two warships to the Black Sea and there's another on it's way.  So who exactly is it escalating tensions? see link

After invading Libya and meddling in Syria's affairs you wouldn't think Obama and co would have the face to condemn Russia for military involvement, the hypocrisy is staggering.  Maybe see my recent blog post listing all the US wars over the last half century, show it to Obama if you see him will you?

America are also pressing ahead with imposing sanctions against Russia, how incredibly ridiculous and arrogant, Putin will laugh in your face, it may have an effect on Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe etc. etc. but Russia have threatened to drop the US dollar as a reserve currency in response which would almost certainly instigate a US economy crash.  see link.  It's going to crash soon anyway so sod it, may as well speed things up a bit.

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