Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hi there! how'd ya poo?

Just as Crewe is twinned with Dzierżoniów in Poland the toilet in my house is now twinned with a toilet in Kruos, Cambodia.
Kruos, Cambodia
Crewe, England
This was a birthday gift from the parents and I feel much much happier having this as a gift than I would with a dvd box set and a dodgy shirt.  2.5 billion people (40% of the world's population) don’t have a toilet or even somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to do their number ones and number twos and then here's me with 3 toilets in my own house!  when I read these statistics it makes me feel rather fortunate to simply have been born in the other 60% of the world.  Doing something like the toilet twinning thing is a pretty cool thing to do, by sacrificing something you don't really need it makes a big difference to people in less fortunate conditions, you also get a framed picture of your twinned toilet which gives you something quirky to look at while you're having a big massive big poo.

And just in case you're ever in Southern Cambodia and get caught short here's where to find it (just say John said it was okay)

 khnhom ach brae bangkon saum ? = can I use the toilet please?


Mule said...

What a load of shit!

jonny brand said...

You should twin your toilet Matt man, if you're feeling flush that is